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GoDaddy to Bloster Website Security with Sucuri Acquisition

GoDaddy Inc. recently agreed to acquire website security firm, Sucuri. The term of the deal were kept under the wraps. Sucuri is a leading provider of security products and services to website owners from emerging online threats. It provides website owners the tools needed to respond to hacks when they occur, while also virtually patching existing vulnerabilities. In addition, Sucuri provides security plug-in for the WordPress platform. It provides solutions to advance the security awareness and management of WordPress websites.

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Russian Hacker Pleads Guilty to Developing and Distributing Citadel Trojan

A Russian man accused of developing and distributing the Citadel Banking Trojan, which infected nearly 11 Million computers globally and caused over $500 Million in losses, has finally pleaded guilty to charges of computer fraud. Mark Vartanyan, 29, who was very well known as “Kolypto,” pleaded guilty in an Atlanta courtroom on Monday to charges related to computer fraud and is now co-operating with federal prosecutors in return for a reduced sentence of no more than five years in prison.

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Huge Vulnerability Discovered in the Ring Doorbell

Last October, a botnet comprised of ~100,000 Internet of Things (IoT) devices, driven by a virus called Mirai, launched a DDOS attack against Dyn DNS. This attack brought the Mirai Botnet into public light, and with it came very real questions about security in the IoT space. Mirai was able to grow so large so quickly by exploiting default admin passwords on common IoT devices, predominantly video cameras. So what are we doing in response? In regard to the main component of the Mirai botnet, networked cameras, the concerning answer is that very little has been done. In fact, just this week, it was discovered that the Ring Doorbell, a popular connected camera and security product, is sending data to China.

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