Management & Hosting WordPress Security Services

WP Secured offers high-end, business hosting as part of our WordPress security services. This is to ensure all our security, recovery and maintenance services perform as expected. Unfortunately, certain budget web hosts provide barely enough resources for your website to run a backup successfully!

Using our hosting service will ensure we can provide the best quality service for your website. Once you sign up, we assist you in moving your website and emails to our hosting service at no extra charge. If you wish do to remain with your current web host though, we can certainly still provide our management service – click here for more information on our Management Only plans.

For more information on our hosting, management, and WordPress security services, please click here to contact us or call us on 1300 977 328.

All our hosting plans offer business grade hosting on Dell cloud hardware, enhanced with Intel Enterprise SSD storage and higher CPU and resource limits.


Popular with small businesses and personal websites that are only updated a few times a month. It’s easy to neglect your website if you aren’t using it every day, so let us take care of that for you!

Not suitable for ecommerce websites.


  • Small websites <100 pages
  • Irregular content changes
  • Very little visitor interaction
  • No custom functionality
  • No large downloads

billed annually


Our most popular plan, especially with small ecommerce sites and larger business websites. Because your database is backed up every day, so you’ll never lose a customer order or content update.

  • Websites up to 500 pages
  • Small Ecommerce websites
  • Active and responsive visitors
  • Custom-made themes

billed annually


This plan is especially popular with multi-user websites, membership sites, and ecommerce sites that make multiple sales every day. With guaranteed response times and dedicated support, your website is in the best possible hands.

  • Membership websites
  • Large Ecommerce websites
  • Very active visitors
  • Custom functionality

billed annually

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