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Why You Need to Switch to HTTPS Immediately

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For years, Google has been gently encouraging webmasters to implement HTTPS on every page of every website. Initially, the strategy was to reward you with a boost in the search results, but this boost was often offset by the negative effect of slower PageSpeed and the fact that every URL would have to change, potentially losing any “link juice” previously acquired. Recently, the strategy changed from a reward-based system to an increasingly punitive one. Google began actively blacklisting non-HTTPS websites that allowed credit card forms and even password fields to be entered.

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Hackers Target New WordPress Installations

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Throughout May and June, the team from security firm WordFence observed a flurry of activity originating from some of the darkest-known corners of the internet, which they named “WPSetup Attack.” The activity involved searching for the presence of a file used when setting up WordPress for the first time. The presence of this file would allow someone to complete the installation and effectively take control of the WordPress installation. Worse though, once they have control of WordPress, they could then upload malicious code that would allow them to take control of the server itself.

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Hacked websites increased 32% in 2016

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Google just published their State of Website Security report for 2016 and it shows that last year was a particularly difficult one for webmasters with the number of websites hacked increasing by 32% since 2015. The news isn’t any better for 2017 with this trend unlikely to slow down in the foreseeable future as hackers become more aggressive and as more websites become outdated.

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