About WP Secured

What exactly is WP Secured?

WP Secured is a complete protection policy for your WordPress website. We ensure that every measure is taken to reduce the likelihood of a security breach by maintaining, backing up, monitoring and implementing the latest in best practice for website security.

How is my website secured?

Not only do we keep your website update to date, we use a number of tools and security best-practices to lock down your website, including firewalls, file permissions, malware scanning, brute-force protection and obfuscation. Once your website is WP Secured, we also offer a number of advanced security options, including two-factor authentication, password expiration, reCAPTCHA, SSL, away mode and hiding the backend.

Is my website 100% secure?

Whilst every effort is made to protect your website, we can never guarantee it is 100% secure. For example, a former employee or contractor may still have a valid username and password, or a key-logging trojan on your computer may capture your login details. However, should the worst happen, WP Secured restores your website and provides analysis as to how it was compromised, assisting you in preventing it from happening again.

What is your response time?

You can expect quick responses from our support team. We work hard to ensure your support tasks are completed quickly, often within 2-4 business hours for most tasks.

Do you offer web hosting?

WP Secured offers a range of secure hosting options for our Australian clients. We are currently looking into U.S. and European-based web hosts with whom we might partner.

How often is my website backed up?

Every website WP Secured manages has it’s database backed up daily. Depending on the plan you choose, your entire website is backed up daily, bi-weekly or weekly.

Where are my backups stored?

Your backups are stored securely on Amazon’s S3 service and, optionally, on Dropbox. We store your backups off-site to ensure their integrity should your website be compromised.

Why should I trust you to manage security on my WordPress site?

We love WordPress and have years of experience working in it, from themes and plugins to general WordPress maintenance. We value our customers and your trust is important to us and so is our reputation. Although our team also has experience in areas such as responsive web design and search engine optimisation, it’s our WordPress Security expertise that will really provide you value and that’s what sets us apart from other WordPress security maintenance companies.

Setting Up An Account

Does my website need to be up to date when I sign up?

You may still sign up if your website isn’t up to date, but it will incur an additional one-off cost. When updating a website, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered, which can often take some time. You will be quoted the cost of updating your website before making it WP Secured.

Can I sign up if my website has already been hacked?

We do provide post-hack services, but this would be quoted separate to our monthly maintenance plan. Once your website is fixed and the problems have been removed, you are welcome to sign up to WP Secured.

Can I keep my current web host?

We can work with any reliable web hosts, but note, if you use budget hosting, it can cause problems with our maintenance service. For example, there needs to be enough space within your hosting account to store the backup archive before it is transferred to the external service for secure storage. Also, there needs to be enough resources available to run a complete website backup, which – depending on the size of your website – can take up to half an hour. If your web host has not allocated enough resources, the backup will fail.

Should we deem your hosting not up to the task, we can assist in migrating your website to our hosting service at no extra cost. Alternatively, your money will be refunded, minus any costs incurred.

Do I need to provide my hosting details?

If you are not hosting your website on our service, we will need access to your hosting account to evaluate your website whilst bringing you on board. These details will then be stored in our secure password manager to which only high level support staff will have access. Having the ability to log into your hosting can also help us respond more quickly to any problems we detect.

What information will you need from me?

In order to get started, we’ll need both your WordPress Admin and FTP details. You can either send us your current login details or create a new user for us to help maintain your WordPress site. Many people choose to create another admin user for us – e.g – wp=admin, but we’ll guide you through the whole process.

Will you keep my premium theme or premium plugins updated?

In most instances, updating premium themes and plugins is a manual task. We do not offer this service on our base-level plan, but it is offered on our other plans. We would need access to your theme or plugin vendor in order to download the latest versions.

My website has been heavily customised - can you cater for that?

We do not offer this service on our base-level plan, but it is offered on our other plans. We will need to know specifically what files have been customised so as not to overwrite them when updating your website.

Do you offer discounts for managing multiple websites?

WP Secured does partner with a number of agencies. Please contact us for a quote to protect and maintain your clients’ websites.

Do you support multiple sites ?

Our monthly support plans are for one WordPress website only, however you can sign-up for as many websites as you like.  Once you’ve signed up for your first website, you’ll be able to log into our secure management area and order additional services, including hosting and domain registration.

Managing Your Account

Are there any hidden fees?

No! We don’t have any sign-up, cancellation or other hidden charges. The only price you pay is the price of your monthly subscription support plan.

If I use your hosting, do I get cPanel access?

If your website is hosted with WP Secured, you will have full access to the hosting cPanel.

Can I manually restore a backup?

If you make a mistake on your website, you will not be able to restore from our backups yourself. We do offer a service where you may request a restoration of your website, but it would need to be scheduled into our workflow. The earliest it may occur would be the next business day.

How do I cancel my account?

As per our Terms of Use, you may request the cancellation of your management plan with WP Secured by contacting us directly. Please read our Terms of Use carefully for information on cancellation fees and refunds.

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