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WP Secured

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, currently powering 27.6% of all websites. That also makes it one of the biggest target for hackers, so the security of your website is of paramount importance.

WP Secured ensures that every measure is taken to reduce the likelihood of a security breach by maintaining, backing up, monitoring and implementing the latest in best practice for your site’s security.

Take advantage of our business-grade WordPress hosting services, or continue hosting your website where it is – we offer a range of hosting and management options for any WordPress website.

Here’s What We Do

WP Secured provides a comprehensive WordPress security service, ensuring complete protection of your website for your peace of mind.

Security Hardening

Locking down your WordPress website, making it much more secure, preventing it from being hacked.

Activity Monitoring

We keep track of all activity including uploads and file changes, and are notified of suspicious activity immediately.

Redundant Backups

We take daily snapshots of your website and database, then store them in multiple, secure off-site locations.

Security Scanning

We automatically check your website daily, and are immediately notified of any suspicious activity.

Brute Force Protection

Login security automatically locks out hackers and robots who are trying to guess your password.

WordPress Updates

We keep your website updated, rolling out security updates within minutes of their release.

WordPress Firewall

Stops attacks by identifying malicious traffic and blocking hackers before they gain access your website.

One-Click Recovery

We store dozens of backups of your website, and can restore any of them with the click of a button.

Advanced Features

Set up two-factor authentication, obscure the login page, or – at scheduled times – remove it altogether.



Proactively protects your website, preventing brute force attacks, reporting vulnerabilities and blocking bad users


Constantly monitors your site and reporting changes that might indicate a compromise to the filesystem or database


Makes regular backups of both your website and database, allowing you to quickly get back online in the event of an attack
Our WordPress security services include protection, detection and recovery strategies

Affordable Pricing

Our plans can be customised for your specific needs, including discounts for signing up multiple websites!




(billed annually)

We can manage your WordPress website on most hosting platforms.

Management + Hosting



(billed annually)

Our full service plan. Let us take care of everything for you.




(billed annually)

We offer business grade hosting for any website.

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